Laars Heating Systems now offers Fortiva™ Retail Credit, a consumer financing program. Professional installers can now offer financing to their customers to cover the costs associated with Laars residential water heater and boiler installations as well as other HVAC/plumbing services.  Fortiva™ will provide full support for Laars contractors who wish to offer this financing to their customers.  All customer billing and support is also handled by Fortiva™.

Why is it beneficial for a contractor to offer residential customers financing?

When a contractor can offer residential customers “instant” financing for a planned or emergency repair or replacement, it can help those customers who may have some financial limitations in securing the necessary funds for the required services.  Bottom line - more business for you!

Why Fortiva™?

The Fortiva™ program’s underwriting requirements allow for a wide range of customers to secure financing.  That’s because Fortiva™ has the deepest level of underwriting available, typically allowing up to 30% more homeowners to qualify for financing than would qualify through other programs.

This financing program was selected because of Fortiva’s history with consumer credit, which to date includes over $25 billion in loans. They have been in business for over 20 years and have survived economic downturns that have closed the doors of other financing companies.

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Why is the Fortiva™ program better than other options?

Fortiva™ offers an easy-to-use, paperless process for contractors.  Their best-in-class technology platform helps contractors get fast, easy approval for their customers’ loans.  And last, contractors are paid quickly by Fortiva™ once the job has been approved.

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(Currently not available in Canada)