LaarsPRO® Terms and Conditions


General Terms and Conditions:

Laars Heating Systems Company (“Laars”) is the Sponsor of the LaarsPro Program.

Membership in the LaarsPro Program does not result in any endorsement or legal partnership between Laars, Laars Agencies, and/or Laars Representatives and participating individuals or companies. All liability, including that of product installation, is that of the contractor and/or the company for which they work.

LaarsPro assets are not for general distribution and reuse of any LaarsPro material on personal or business websites or other social media is strictly prohibited with the exception of those items identified as available for external use. Improper use of any LaarsPro material will result in the cancellation of a registrant’s LaarsPro account.

For this program, "Heating Season" means the 12-month period beginning April 1 of the current year and ending March 31 of the next year.  For example, 2018-2019 Heating Season is April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019.


Participation in the LaarsPro Program is available to residential heating contractors within the United States of America only. Any individual enrolling in the LaarsPro Program, represents and warrants to Laars that the individual (“Member”) is authorized on behalf of his/her employer to enroll the LaarsPro Program. One Member per established company is permitted. Memberships are reviewed on an annual basis to determine continued eligibility and tier levels.

Each Member must purchase and register Laars residential units in order to participate in any promotional or rewards activities within the LaarsPro Program.

All LaarsPro Members are expected to show the highest level of professionalism and technical ability.

Those expectations include the following:

Maintain a high level of technical knowledge of Laars products and hydronic systems

Attend a minimum of one Laars residential training session per calendar year

Training session can be at the Laars Customer Center in Rochester, NH or conducted at an approved designated facility by a regional representative or Laars factory trained instructor.

LaarsPro Members are an extension of the Laars brand. As an extension of our brand, we expect all employees of the LaarsPro Member company will comply with the following:

Always treat the homeowner with the highest level of respect and courtesy

Maintain a professional appearance when entering the home or job site

Upon leaving the job site, ensure that all excess materials and debris are cleaned up and disposed of properly in accordance with local regulations.

Ensure that all federal, state and local codes are adhered to.


Program membership is subject to annual review at the close of the Heating Season. During the renewal process, member program tier requirements are reviewed. Members are accountable for meeting the requirements of the program. Determinations for possible tier changes will be made during the annual renewal process. If appropriate requirement milestones have not been achieved members will be demoted to a lower tier.


Earning points requires that the member adheres to the promotion guidelines as published on the website. Members must follow all instructions for entering submissions and providing appropriate documentation for review, audit, and validation. Submissions will be reviewed, and if approved, points will move from pending to active points in Member's account. Points will not be issued onto a card, certificate or other instrument and will only be available to the Member through the Member's account.

If the submission is denied, points will not be applied and pending points for that submission will be removed from Member's account. Points that are pending may not be redeemed for rewards unless and until active. Points can only be redeemed for rewards offered through the Laars Awards Center. Awards can only be redeemed if the member has a sufficient point balance to redeem for the reward point level selected. Points are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable. Determination of when points expire is left to the sole discretion of Laars. Points are not property and earned points do not grant the member any property rights. Points are not subject to any laws applicable to property, including, without limitation, unclaimed property

Market Development Funds:

Market Development Funds (MDF) are issued at the sole discretion of Laars Heating Systems.

MDF Funds will be issued only to Silver-Level LaarsPro Members.

MDF Funds for each Heating Season, must be used by January 1st of the current Heating Season.

MDF Funds not utilized within the set timelines become null and void. They do not carry over to following years.

MDF Funds may only be executed through the designated MDF Administrative Agency.

Submission and Documentation:

It is the Member's responsibility to correctly follow the submission and documentation guidelines as outlined on the program website. Using the purchase invoice and associated product serial numbers, the Member must enter all the required fields of information requested on the online submission form and click the Submit button to complete the online submission process.

This procedure allows for the submission to be reviewed and audited per the terms and conditions of this program. Any submission entered online that is not accompanied by a copy of the corresponding invoice may be considered an invalid submission and will not be applied to the corresponding account.

Submission entries and corresponding documentation that contain altered and/or fraudulent information will be disqualified from review, and will result in the Member's termination from the program and may be subject to recovery for rewards.


All points earned in the LaarsPro Program must be redeemed through the Awards Center which is accessed through the website. It is the Member's responsibility to enter accurate shipping information when redeeming rewards. Laars is not responsible for lost or damaged rewards. Reward warranties and stipulations are the sole responsibility of the Member.


Laars reserves the right to audit any or all submissions and require additional support from Member at any time for any reason. Determination of a verified submission is authorized by Laars and its program administrators only. By participating in this program, Member understands and accepts that Laars and/or its program administrators will conduct the review process. Laars is not responsible for lost or incomplete entries made through the website and/or sent through mail. Laars is not responsible for the Member's access capability to the program website or any communication or entry errors that occur when using the website. Information compiled by Laars and its program administrators will be treated as confidential.

General Provisions:

Laars reserves the right to change the format, elements, rules, promotions, points structure, awards, and may cancel or modify the program at any time without prior notice. These changes may result in a Member's reward point value reduction or elimination and/or cancellation of Member's rewards. Any Federal, State/Provincial, or Local Tax Liability is the sole responsibility of the Member.

By participating in Laars' LaarsPro Program, Member agrees and is bound by these LaarsPro Terms & Conditions. Member also consents to give Laars the use of their name, photograph, and/or likeness for promotional purposes without additional compensation, except where prohibited by law. By participating in the LaarsPro Program, Member agrees and acknowledges to release Laars and its program administration partners from any and all liability for loss, damage, or injury in respect to receiving, owning, using or misusing any award or program materials.

Any attempt by Member(s) to violate, damage, falsify information or undermine the operation of the website and overall LaarsPro Program will be in violation of these Terms & Conditions, and Laars reserves the right to seek damages from Member(s) to the fullest extent permitted by law.


Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions acknowledges that you are now a LaarsPro Program Member as referenced in the Terms & Conditions and are bound under these Terms & Conditions for the duration of your participation in the program. In addition, you acknowledge that you may receive periodic communication about this program via phone, fax or email, and that receipt of such communications is agreed to by Member in the program.